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Book of Mormon Belk Theatre Review – Energetic, Irreverent Book of Mormon

The hit Broadway musical Book of Mormon is playing at the Belk Theatre (130 North Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28202) through January 05, 2014.

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Energetic, Irreverent Book of Mormon – Reviewed By Lawrence Toppman,

The unique thing about “The Book of Mormon” is that the same adjectives can be used to praise or pan it.

It’s crass and juvenile, but crassly funny and joyously juvenile in a way that gets the middle-schooler inside many of us sniggering through it.

It’s shocking, if naughty language and gross concepts shock you. But what’s really shocking is the way this musical hews to the time-tested formula of an innocent hero – in this case, two innocent heroes – overcoming adversity, finding love and leaving us feeling better about the world.

what has made “Mormon” the hottest ticket on Broadway is its blend of emotion, snarkiness and pants-dropping boorishness, and the creators have calibrated that combination unusually well.

Elder Price (Mark Evans) and Elder Cunningham (Christopher John O’Neill) head to Uganda for their two-year mission to introduce Africans to the church. The inhabitants of their district worry too much about famine, genital mutilation of their daughters and a warlord who shoots people point-blank to care much about promises of salvation.

Then Cunningham, a chronic slacker with a bizarre imagination, woos them with a theology that incorporates AIDS cures, Hobbits, “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” myths. They start to come around, asking for baptism, until the warlord (whose name can never appear in this paper) gets annoyed.

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Book of Mormon Musical Tour in San Antonio TX – Review

Book of Mormon musical tour currently stop in San Antonio Texas and performing at Majestic Theatre San Antonio (208 East Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205) through September 29, 2013.

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The San Antonio debut of “The Book of Mormon” — the most highly anticipated show of the fall — definitely lives up to the hype – Reviewed By Deborah Martin,

The touring show, the kickoff to the Majestic Theatre‘s 2013-14 Broadway in San Antonio season, is a boisterous, gleefully irreverent musical following a pair of young Mormons on their mission to Uganda.

Elder Price (the pitch-perfect Mark Evans) is an ideal representation of Mormonism: Carefully groomed, confident, trim and completely dedicated to his faith. His assigned companion for this two-year mission is his opposite on pretty much every score. Elder Cunningham (the very funny Christopher John O’Neill) sports a shaggy thatch of dark hair and is rumpled, doughy and endearingly awkward. When lost for an answer to a question, he will simply make something up. Which means that his take on the establishment of the Mormon church — delivered when he’s under pressure — blends founder Joseph Smith’s actual bio with bits and pieces from “Star Wars,” “Star Trek” and “The Lord of the Rings.”

Once they arrive in Uganda, the missionaries find themselves in a village with a slew of problems — including rampant AIDS, extreme poverty and the very real threat of being shot by a warlord (the fantastic Derrick Williams) — that previous missionaries and other do-gooders have not been able to alleviate.

How they attempt to fix things swiftly reveals what each of the young men is made of. They are aided by Nabulungi (the wonderful Samantha Marie Ware), a young woman who takes a chance on believing in what they’re selling.

For all of the scatological humor and the liberal use of profanity, there’s a deeply humane, open-hearted quality to the whole show.

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Book of Mormon Majestic Theatre San Antonio Review

Book of Mormon musical on national tour is currently performing at Majestic Theatre San Antonio (208 East Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205) through September 29, 2013.

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Book of Mormon is the most amazing musical, Go forth and be happy – Reviewed By Erin-Privratsky,

The musical has been a smash hit on Broadway since it opened in 2011 and it swept the Tony Awards, winning nine of the prized trophies. I have tried numerous times to secure tickets to the show when I’ve been visiting New York City, but they are a hot ticket. When Broadway Across America announced the Majestic Theatre‘s 2013-2014 season in January and The Book of Mormon topped the schedule, I literally jumped for joy.

This week, the musical opened in San Antonio. The audience was abuzz with excitement. As part of the season subscription, I wondered how many people in attendance were aware of what they were getting themselves into regarding the “strong” content of the show. It seemed, however, that most everyone was ready for a night of music, laughs, and a bit of gasp-inducing shock.

THE BOOK OF MORMON delivered. Led by a talented and flashy cast (helmed by Mark Evans as Elder Price and Christopher John O’Niell as Elder Cunningham), the original musical depicts an accurate (?) if not exaggerated life of young Mormon men on their rite of passage of a mission to Uganda, a country of turmoil, fear, and strife – quite a culture shock to the well-groomed young men from Utah who are determined to bring the Ugandan people to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Be forewarned – this musical is not for those sensitive to vulgar language and humor. If you have ever seen an episode of South Park, you have a good idea of what you will experience at The Book of Mormon – except that in a staged musical, the FCC isn’t around to censor you. Basically, leave the children at home.

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