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Book of Mormon Belk Theatre Review – Energetic, Irreverent Book of Mormon

The hit Broadway musical Book of Mormon is playing at the Belk Theatre (130 North Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28202) through January 05, 2014.

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Energetic, Irreverent Book of Mormon – Reviewed By Lawrence Toppman,

The unique thing about “The Book of Mormon” is that the same adjectives can be used to praise or pan it.

It’s crass and juvenile, but crassly funny and joyously juvenile in a way that gets the middle-schooler inside many of us sniggering through it.

It’s shocking, if naughty language and gross concepts shock you. But what’s really shocking is the way this musical hews to the time-tested formula of an innocent hero – in this case, two innocent heroes – overcoming adversity, finding love and leaving us feeling better about the world.

what has made “Mormon” the hottest ticket on Broadway is its blend of emotion, snarkiness and pants-dropping boorishness, and the creators have calibrated that combination unusually well.

Elder Price (Mark Evans) and Elder Cunningham (Christopher John O’Neill) head to Uganda for their two-year mission to introduce Africans to the church. The inhabitants of their district worry too much about famine, genital mutilation of their daughters and a warlord who shoots people point-blank to care much about promises of salvation.

Then Cunningham, a chronic slacker with a bizarre imagination, woos them with a theology that incorporates AIDS cures, Hobbits, “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” myths. They start to come around, asking for baptism, until the warlord (whose name can never appear in this paper) gets annoyed.

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