The Book of Mormon Broadway in Chicago – Review

The Book of Mormon started for a long run in Chicago. Clint May reviewed the musical at Here is the review:

Not only does The Book of Mormon have Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s trademark themes of the hilarities that evolve from cognitive dissonance, hypocrisy, blasphemy, religious absurdity, etc. mingled with their equally trademark over-the-top profanity and lampooning, it has something a lot of people overlook when discussing their work: an obvious love for their characters and an overriding theme of the power of friendship and loyalty. Without the foundation of Stan and Kyle’s enduring friendship in South Park, it’s doubtful America would have followed them through 200+ episodes.

f you’ve never seen Mormon missionaries walking two-by-two in their dark pants and tie with white shirt, Book of Mormon in hand, then the opening number, “Hello!” establishes perfectly what to expect.

The Book of Mormon makes a pointed observation about the nature of religion, doubt, and friendship.

Book of Mormon runs a gamut of traditionally styled numbers that mingle hilariously with the off-kilter lyrics that are more than the sum of their surface shock value. Grounded in a big heart that loves even as it skewers, it’s the kind of affection that anchors us for a carnival-style journey into the heart of belief that takes us to heaven even if we have to visit a “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream.” (easily one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen in a musical).

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