The Book of Mormon Tour Review – Sizzles at the Fabulous Fox Theatre

The Book of Mormon Musical currently playing at Fabulous Fox Theatre-St. Louis MO for a 2-week run from February 19 to March 03, 2013. The Book of Mormon musical reviewed by Judith Newmark – Here is the review:

The language — foul, blasphemous and very smart — delivers rhymes you can’t believe you’re hearing. The gestures, vulgar and explicit, inform some of the brightest dances you’ve ever seen.

And here’s the built-in conundrum: Neither part would work without the other.

Get rid of the sunshine, and you’d slog through pure filth. Get rid of the filth, and you’d have another meaningless, feel-good pageant.

But bind them together and you have a dazzling musical, a show that draws its considerable energy from the push-pull of pleasure and shame it manages to provoke time after time after time.

If those credits mean nothing to you, you probably don’t belong at “The Book of Mormon.” If they do, it’s enough to tell you whether or not you want to see this epic about hapless Mormon missionaries in Uganda, facing such tiny obstacles as AIDS, a murderous warlord and the genital mutilation of women.

Yes. In an absolutely hilarious, fast-paced musical comedy.

“The Book of Mormon” is so thoroughly an ensemble piece that it almost seems silly to single out individual performers. We get to enjoy first-class work from Mark Evans as a confident missionary who expects great things of himself, and Christopher John O’Neill as his mission partner, a nerdy science-fiction fan.

Best of all, there’s a big climax telling the story of Mormon leader Joseph Smith. It blends African dance vernacular with the “Small House of Uncle Thomas” from the “King and I,” and as far as I’m concerned it could have lasted all night.

There’s more. “I Am Africa,” sung by the white missionaries, skewers every self-congratulatory anthem you’ve ever heard. But the brightest number is also the least offensive, a tap-dance tribute to the powers of psychological repression called “Turn It Off.”

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