The Book of Mormon Breaks Box-Office Records in New York, Chicago IL and San Francisco CA

The Book of Mormon Musical, winner of nine 2011 Tony Awards including Best Musical, has broken the box-office records for the last week of the year 2012 – December 30, 2012. All the three North American productions have broken the house records – On Broadway (Eugene O’Neill Theatre), First National Tour (Curran Theatre), Second National Tour (Bank of America Theatre).

The Broadway production: Grossed $2,158,595, breaking the box-office record at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre for the 43rd time since it opened in 2011.

The first national tour: In it’s final week at San Francisco’s Curran Theatre, Earned $1,607,677, breaking the box-office record for the second time. From here, the production moved to Keller Auditorium in Portland OR where the performances continue through January 06, 2013. And the tour continues on to Seattle, Des Moines, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Rochester, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston, Buffalo, Cleveland and Washington, DC (So far Announced).

The second national tour: Grossed $1,645,201, breaking the box-office record for the second time at the Bank of America Theatre which launched in Chicago December 2012, and latest news is that the production extended it’s stay in Chicago through Sep 08, 2013.

Visit for complete tour updates.

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