Book of Mormon at Fabulous Fox Theatre GA – Theatre Review

The Book of Mormon musical on National tour is currently playing at the Fabulous Fox Theatre GA through Sunday February 09, 2014.

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Book of Mormon show is complex, multi-layered, sweet, hilarious, and brilliant – Reviewed By Manning Harris,

Winner of nine 2011 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Vogue Magazine called the show “the filthiest, most offensive, and—surprise—sweetest thing you’ll see on Broadway this year, and quite possibly the funniest musical ever.” TV’s Jon Stewart said, “It’s so good it makes me angry.”

Two young men, Elder Price (Mark Evans) and Elder Cunningham (Christopher John O’Neill) are sent out on their two-year mission. Elder Price hopes it will be his favorite spot of earth: Orlando—home of Disneyworld! But no, it’s Uganda, Africa. Oops. Neither was expecting that; Elder Price keeps his indomitable enthusiasm. But the goofy Elder Cunningham has yet to even read the Book. Another oops. And he makes things up—to help people. Isn’t that the essence of true religion?

They soon find themselves in a remote village where famine, poverty, and AIDS run rampant. The villagers are not in the mood to be taught some strange religion. What are our missionaries to do, and how on earth can you make a musical comedy from such a situation?

That is the genius of “The Book of Mormon” and its creators: Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone. They wrote the book, music, and lyrics. You may recognize their names. Does “South Park” and “Avenue Q” (Lopez) ring any bells?

The brilliant choreography is by Casey Nicholaw; the direction by Trey Parker and Mr. Nicholaw. Other cast standouts are Samantha Marie Ware, Ron Bohmer, Grey Henson, Stanley Wayne Mathis, Derrick Williams, and Colin Bradbury.

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